the circus is in town

what an ignorant man– it is embarrassing to think that some americans actually listen to and believe this fool– lack of intelligence? exposure to reality? personal inadequacies? who can say– george w was a clown but this fool is the whole damn circus–  and again, what’s with the sniffing?

a moment and a good guy with a gun–

lord knows if there is one thing we have plenty of it is moments–  and we will be careful to save a couple more for the next mass shooting that takes place–  and let’s not forget that we should be thankful that texas is an open carry state–  if only there would have been a good guy with a gun present–  wait, wasn’t there?

kicking the dog

with the events of the past couple of days (alton sterling, philando castile, and five police officers in dallas) is there really any question that america has a serious problem which we appear to be unwilling or unable to face–  guns, race, disparity…  these are issues we should be able to communicate about but we stumble, stutter and fall when attempting to do so–  

to me it seems quite obvious–  most people of average intelligence know that if you kick a dog enough times… it will bite–

perhaps it is time for us to quit kicking the dog and try to love it instead–

caution, explosive

i have to admit, as a former smoker (ten years this october) i was glad when my favorite drug store took a unpopular stand and decided to no longer sell cigarettes because of the possible danger to the consumers health–  

and today…  today i have to admit my puzzlement over their decision to sell fireworks–  well, as long as no one is smoking–


… and i’m sure “the donald” will be talking about omar mateen, radical islam, and his homosexuals–  he’ll probably point out a couple at a rally– “horrible tragedy, radical islam, my homosexuals….”, “hillary won’t say radical islam…  does she have homosexuals?”